U.S. ATLAS Grid Testbed Workshop Goals
April 4-5, 2002 at UTA

It has been over a year since the US ATLAS Grid Testbed
meeting at the University of Michigan in February 2001.
During this period, we have gathered considerable experience
through the deployment of our testbed and benefitted from
regular phone meetings. The upcoming data challenges will
provide a major test of our testbed capabilities.  Detailed
plans of how we organize the testbed activities in the near
future are essential for the success of DC1.

We are organizing a testbed workshop at the University of
Texas at Arlington to prepare for these new activities.
This workshop would primarily focus on US ATLAS Grid Testbed
site deployment issues, such as:

- uniform deployment of VDT 1.0 at testbed sites
- core software deployment at testbed sites (afs, local...)
- participation in DC1 data generation (Tier 1, testbed,
  TeraGrid, other facilities)
- plans for scheduling, monitoring, site policies etc.
- status of US ATLAS tools like pacman, magda, grappa,
  gridview, gripe...
- other user level grid tools for DC1 data analysis
- other software issues/requirements for testbed sites