Help on Page Formats

I use a variety of file formats to present the information in my web pages.
This is a brief summary of the special features of these formats.
HTML format - This is the default format for World Wide Web pages. Hyper-text markup language (HTML) is a tagged formatting language which can be displayed by almost all computers. Most of the documents at this site were written in HTML 3.2 format They have been tested with Netscape Navigator 4.0. For best viewing use Netscape Navigator.

PostScript format - A common printer language. All Macintosh printers and most network laser printers support postscript (PS). The PS files at this site were generated in the ASCII character set and therefore could be transported to any computer for printing. They can also be viewed using the GhostScript or GhostView viewers.

Pdf format - The Adobe portable document format (pdf) is commonly used for online books. It works well with multi-page documents. While HTML documents change their appearance based on the computer and browser used, pdf files preserve the look of the original document. Many documents at this site with complex formatting, especially publications, are presented in pdf format. They may be viewed or printed using the Adobe Acrobat Reader. A Netscape plug-in is also available so that pdf documents may be viewed in your browser.

StarOffice format - StarOffice is a complete Office Suite which I use for Word Processing, Spreadsheets and Presentations.  Unlike Microsoft Office, it is very stable, fast, full of features and available for many platforms (OS/2, Windows, Linux, other UNIX flavors, and Java).  I no longer lose one in every five document to MS Word crashes (the only occasions when I have crashed StarOffice were in importing some Word files).  Best of all, you can download it for free from SUN Microsystems.

Jdoc format - The Java documentation (Jdoc) format is excellent for viewing pre-formatted documents with browsers. Like pdf, Jdoc preserves the appearance of the original document. Like HTML, it can be viewed directly in any java-capable browser. (Make sure to enable java in your browsers preference/option sheet). However, currently jdoc documentation cannot be printed!

JavaScript - This is not a documentation format at all. JavaScript is a scripting (interpreted programming) language similar to java which may be used to enhance HTML pages. Only a few browsers (including Netscape and Internet Explorer) support JavaScript. Like jdoc, output produced by JavaScript (see the date shown at the bottom of this page) cannot be printed!


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