Kaushik De


Director, HEP Center of Excellence, UT Arlington 2011-present

Professor, UT Arlington 2003-present

Associate Dean, Honors College, UT Arlington 1999-2003

Associate Professor, UT Arlington 1997-2003

Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Arlington 1993-1997

Research Fellow, University of Michigan 1989-1992

Research Associate, Indiana University 1988-1989


Ph.D., Physics, Brown University 1988

Sc.M., Physics, Brown University 1982

B.A./M.A., Physics/Honors Curriculum, Summa Cum Laude,

Hunter College of CUNY, Class Rank 1/734 1978-81


Fellow, American Physical Society 2015

Distinguished Record of Research, UT Arlington 2015

Phi Kappa Phi Recognized Professor, UT Arlington 2010

Outstanding Research Achievement, UT Arlington 2009

Outstanding Honors Faculty, UT Arlington 2000-01

Elected to Sigma Xi, Brown University 1987

Chancellor's Honor Roll, CUNY 1981

Joseph A. Gillet Award in Physics, Hunter College of CUNY 1980

Elected to Phi Beta Kappa, Hunter College of CUNY 1980

Elected to Sigma Pi Sigma, Hunter College of CUNY 1980

National Merit Certificate (India) 1976


DUNE Collaboration, Member 2015-present

LBNE Collaboration, Member 2013-2015

ATLAS Collaboration, Institute Representative 1994-present

DØ Collaboration, Member 1988-2012

American Physical Society, Member 1990-present

PP2PP Collaboration, Member 1993-2004

FNAL-E672 Collaboration, Member 1988-89

FNAL-E745 Collaboration, Member 1984-88


  1. Leadership in Physics at the Energy Frontier: lead a large group of researchers and students at UTA in cutting edge research projects in the ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland. Joined ATLAS in 1995, led the involvement of UTA group in ATLAS during detector design, construction, operation, computing, and data analysis. Many Masters and Ph.D. Thesis in Physics supervised.

  2. Big Data innovation: lead the development of a new paradigm in computing over the past decade: the PanDA software, which provides physicists automated access to hundreds of supercomputing centers internationally. Thousands of physicists analyze data and publish results in multiple High Energy Physics (HEP) experiments using PanDA. This work was supported through tens of millions in grants from NSF and DOE to UTA, and many times more for researchers elsewhere. Supervised/co-supervised many masters and Ph.D. theses in Computer Science.

  3. New innovation in sensor technology: proposed the innovative Intermediate Tile Calorimeter for the ATLAS experiment at CERN, which improves measurement of missing Et and improves jet resolution. Led a five year project to build 50 tons of calorimeter detector at UTA, followed by installation, calibration and operation at CERN. Multi-million dollar project funded by the National Science Foundation, and the Department of Energy.

  4. New discoveries in fundamental physics: played key roles in HEP experiments that discovered two fundamental particles in physics over the past two decades: the top quark at the Tevatron, and the Higgs boson at the LHC.

  5. New physics searches: early proponent of the search for the supersymmetric partner of the top quark in both the D0 and the ATLAS experiments at the LHC. Supervised Ph.D. student who completed thesis in 2003 in D0, and Ph.D. student who defended thesis in ATLAS in 2015 on this topic.

  6. Supercomputing technology: founding director of the SouthWest Tier 2 supercomputing center, located at UTA and Oklahoma University. Funded by multiple grants from National Science Foundation, and the Department of Energy.

  7. Bold direction in physics: supervised a search for large extra dimensions at DØ. Ph.D. student successfully defended thesis on this topic in 2007.

  8. New calorimeter technology: leadership role in the design, construction and operation of the innovative Inter-cryostat detector for the DØ experiment.

  9. Bold detector innovation: proposed and successfully tested the first use of plastic scintillator detectors inside a liquid argon calorimeter, at the DØ Test Beam.

  10. Advances in QCD: as a postdoc, observed the first signal from the production of c particles in the Fermilab Experiment E672.

  11. QCD phenomenology: as graduate student, studied strange particle hadronization in the neutrino beam experiment E745 at Fermilab.


  1. Deputy Project Leader, U.S. ATLAS Software & Computing, 2015-present.

  2. U.S. ATLAS Computing Operations Coordinator, ATLAS Experiment, 2008-2015.

  3. Grid Data Processing Coordinator, ATLAS Experiment, 2010-2012.

  4. Distributed Shifts Coordinator, ATLAS Experiment, 2008-2010, 2013-2016.

  5. Distributed Production Coordinator, ATLAS Experiment, 2005-2007.

  6. PanDA Software Project co-Manager, ATLAS Experiment, 2005-present.

  7. Director of SouthWest Tier 2 Center; ATLAS Experiment, 2005-present.

  8. U.S. ATLAS Production Manager, ATLAS Experiment, 2003-2015.

  9. U.S. Grid Testbed Computing Coordinator, ATLAS Experiment, 2002-2003.

  10. ICD Upgrade co-Manager, DØ Experiment, 1992-1997.

  11. ITC Manager, ATLAS Experiment, 1995-present.

  12. Co-Organizer, Texas Section APS Meeting, University of Texas at Arlington, 1996.

  13. SUSY TeV33 co-Convenor, Future Directions in High Energy Physics, Snowmass, 1996.

  14. SUSY co-Convenor, TeV33 Workshop, Fermilab 1996.

  15. SUSY co-Leader, TeV2000 Study Group, 1994-96.


  1. Jared Little, Ph.D., University of Texas at Arlington, expected 2019

  2. Smita Darmora, Ph.D., University of Texas at Arlington, 2015
    Thesis Title
    : Search for a Supersymmetric Partner to the Top Quark using a Multivariate Analysis Technique

  3. Pierce Weatherly, M. S., University of Texas at Arlington, 2013
    Thesis Title
    : Study of the Response of the ATLAS Tile Calorimeter to Muons Produced in sqrt(s) = 7 TeV Proton-proton Collisions at the LHC

  4. Rishiraj Pravahan, Ph. D., University of Texas at Arlington, 2010
    Thesis Title:
    Search for Supersymmetry in Dijet and Multi-jet Channels and Soft QCD Measurements using the ATLAS Detector at the Large Hadron Collider

  5. Barry Spurlock, Ph. D., University of Texas at Arlington, 2007
    Thesis Title:
    A Search for Large Extra Dimensions in Particle Collisions at the Dzero Experiment in Events Characterized by a Single Jet and Missing Transverse Energy

  6. Yan Song, Ph. D., University of Texas at Arlington, 2003
    Thesis Title:
    Search for Supersymmetric Stop Quark in the Decay of the Top Quark in DØ Run I data

  7. Nevzat Guler, M. S., University of Texas at Arlington, 2001
    Thesis Title
    : Performance Characterization of the Silicon Microstrip Detectors of PP2PP Experiment

  8. Barry Spurlock, M. S., University of Texas at Arlington, 2001
    Thesis Title
    : Intercalibration of Photomultiplier Tube Test Benches through Precision Testing of their Internal Photodiodes

  9. Rishiraj Pravahan, M. S., University of Texas at Arlington, 2001
    Thesis Title
    : A Simulated Study of the Potential for the Discovery of the Supersymmetric Bottom Squark at the ATLAS Experiment in CERN

  10. Richard Kaiser, M. S., University of Texas at Arlington, 1996
    Thesis Title: The Construction and Testing of a Laser Test Stand for Scintillator Research and Development

  11. Xia Yu, M. S., University of Texas at Arlington, 1994
    Thesis Title: The Characterization of Photomultiplier Tubes using a New Automated Test Facility


  1. Dr. Smita Darmora, Postdoctoral Fellow, 2017-present.

  2. Dr. Mayuko Maeno, Postdoctoral Fellow, 2013-present.

  3. Dr. David Cote, Postdoctoral Fellow, 2013-2014.

  4. Dr. Giulio Usai, Assistant Research Professor, 2009-present.

  5. Dr. Alden Stradling, Postdoctoral Fellow, 2009-2016.

  6. Dr. Barry Spurlock, Postdoctoral Fellow, 2008-2009.

  7. Dr. Paul Nilsson, Postdoctoral Fellow, 2006-2014.

  8. Dr. Nurcan Ozturk, Associate Research Professor, 2003-present.

  9. Dr. Armen Vartapetian, Assistant Research Professor, 1999-present.

  10. Dr. Jia Li, Postdoctoral Fellow, 1996-2008.

  11. Dr. Mark Sosebee, Postdoctoral Fellow, 1996-present.

  12. Dr. Elizabeth Gallas, Postdoctoral Fellow, 1993-1999.


  1. Ruslan Mashinistov, Software Specialist, 2017-present.

  2. Fernando Barreiro, Software Specialist, 2015-present.

  3. Danila Oleynik, Software Specialist, 2013-present.

  4. Artem Petroysan, Software Specialist, 2013-2014.

  5. Patrick McGuigan, Tier 2 Manager, 2005-present.

  6. Victor Reece, Detector Technician, 1999-2009.


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