Kaushik De


  1. College of Science Faculty Development Committee, 1998-present
  2. Physics Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, 1998-present
  3. Physics Promotion and Tenure Committee, 1997-present
  4. Honors Theme Sub-committee, 1997
  5. Physics Department Chair Search Committee, 1997
  6. Honors Planning Committee, Spring 1997
  7. Texas APS/AAPT/SPS Meeting, October 1996, member of organizing committee, helped organize meeting of about 500 physicists at UTA
  8. College of Science Grade Appeals Committee, 1996-present
  9. University Honors Committee, 1995-present, Physics Department representative, teach Honors Physics courses and interact with Honors Program office
  10. Integrated Science Course Sub-Committee, 1995-present, Chair, developed "Foundations of Science Course" taught in Spring 1997 jointly by Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Geology Departments
  11. Physics Colloquium committee, 1994-1998, member, organized a diverse group of weekly colloquium and seminar speakers
  12. Physics Undergraduate Curriculum Review Committee, 1996, Chair, review and modernize physics curriculum
  13. Physics Graduate admissions committee, 1994-present, member, actively participated in selecting candidates for graduate school in physics
  14. 1896 Physics Symposium, 1996, centennial celebration, played the role of Max Planck
  15. Physics Graduate studies committee, 1994-present, member, prepared questions for physics graduate qualifying exams
  16. Physics Departmental planning & research committee, 1994, member, helped prepare a draft plan for the future direction of the physics department


PHYS 1443

General Technical Physics

PHYS 1443H

Honors Technical Physics I

PHYS 1444H

Honors Technical Physics II

SCIE 2301H

Foundations of Science - End of Science

BIOL 3310H

Foundations of Science - Origins

PHYS 3446

Nuclear Physics

PHYS 4181

Special Problems

PHYS 4281

Special Topics

PHYS 5306

Classical Mechanics

PHYS 5394

Research in Physics

PHYS 5694

Research in Physics

PHYS 5698


by Kaushik De, email: kaushik@uta.edu.