Honors Program in Prague 1999
Bulletin 1
April 26, 1999

This is the first Bulletin for those who signed up for (or showed interest in) the Honors Study Abroad Program in Prague.

Thanks to generous support from the Honors College, College of Science and the Physics Department, the program cost will be $500 only (the amount of your deposit)!

Reminder: You should arrive in Prague May 18th and leave June 9th. Don't delay buying your airline tickets - prices have started going up.

Schedule: The complete schedule, including cultural and social programs is listed at http://heppc1.uta.edu/kaushik/teaching/abroad/schedule.htm

Important: We need a few more Economics students so that the class does not get cancelled. Spread the word.

Web page: http://heppc1.uta.edu/kaushik/teaching/prague.htm