Date: Thu, 6 May 1999 04:15:27 -0500 (CDT)
From: Kaushik De
To: Honors Prague Summer 1999
Subject: Prague Study Abroad Bulletin #3

This is the third Bulletin for those who signed up for (or showed interest in) the Honors Study Abroad Program in Prague.

General: Everyone going on this trip should have airline tickets and passports, have registered for the course and paid the deposit to the Honors office by now!

Text Books: DO NOT BUY TEXTBOOKS! We will provide all textbooks and reading material during the orientation meeting on friday 5/14/99. A folder with various travel information will be available in the Honors Office on the 10th - if you want to look at it before the meeting.

ISIC Card: International Student ID Cards are available for $20 at the International Office in the basement of the Student Center. Everyone should get this card in order to qualify for student discounts in Prague. This card also provides emergency insurance. You will need a passport size photo for this card. Also, bring a couple of extra passport photos with you to Prague for metro/rail passes etc.

Weather: The normal temperature range for this time of the year is 48-72 F, with occasional rain.

Visa: American citizens do not need a visa to visit the Czech Republic for upto a month. However, students enrolled at Czech Universities require special clearance permits. Since you will be UTA students, this should not present a problem unless there is a communication/language breakdown! Therefore, it is safer to tell Passport Control officers at the airport that you are visitors/tourists!

Information: A good writeup from the State Department about travelling abroad safely can be found at the web site

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